Frequently Asked Questions
Introduction to EDC Technologies, Inc. /
EDC Technologies, Inc. ( has developed and provides a proven energy savings measure which delivers significant cost reductions in the hot water environment (traditionally natural gas) in the Lodging and Multifamily industry.

EDC Technologies, Inc. provides a three tiered hosted technology, much like an ASP (Application Service Provider); utilizing a physical control device, a wireless communications capability and back-end analysis by EDC’s servers. This architecture allows all personnel and management, visibility to make intelligent decisions with respect to the adjustment, operation, and repair of the hot water environment from any Internet assessable location.

The savings associated with EDC are significant; they range from a conservative 15% savings upwards to a 40% reduction in the associated utility bills. The savings which EDC Technologies, Inc. generates are immediate and go right to the bottom line. It should be noted that these savings have been validated by end users as well as utilities, engineering companies and third party observers.

The initial capital expenditure required for our technology is already being budgeted for within your utility budget, the pay back period, it is usually less than 1 year.

Who is EDC Technologies, Inc?
EDC Technologies, Inc. is a California Corporation who partners with Property Owners, Multifamily and Hotel REIT’s, Property Management Companies and Mechanical/Plumbing Contractors as well as Natural Gas Utilities to bring forth energy efficiency, conservation, monitoring and verification, along with overall safety to the end users hot water environment.

What Technology does EDC Technologies, Inc./ utilize?
EDC Technologies, Inc./ applies state of the art technology to the water heating and plumbing trade. We do this by applying the benefits of computerized control and monitoring technology with a communications infrastructure resulting in significant energy savings. Our Internet portal connection allows all personnel and managers involved with the hot water system visibility their own hot water environment in order to review current operation and to make informed decisions with respect to the adjustment, operation and repair in an efficient and timely manner.

What problem does EDC Technologies, Inc. / solve?
EDC Technologies designs and delivers hardware and software solutions for remotely monitoring and managing hot water environments, thereby helping to improve energy efficiency, conservation and safety. EDC Technologies, Inc. / enables customers to better match hot water supply with demand by adjusting supply temperatures with demand profiles and, as a result, reduce line loss inefficiencies within hot water systems.

How does the technology work?
Basically, EDC Technologies, Inc. / takes the uncontrolled hot water system and applies operational structure around the actual demand to meet the supply needs.

EDC Technologies, Inc. / allows users to achieve ongoing savings, with proof of the savings available through our secure Internet site. We provide customers the ability to graphically view the performance and other plumbing components within their hot water environment. As our servers analyze the ongoing savings data, they scan for any deviations in the data which would identify a potential hot water anomaly. If an anomaly be detected, our servers will identify the issue, graph the specific deviation and send out an e-mail notification to the customer identifying the issue. If the issue is not remedied within 3 days, a reminder notice is e-mailed out.

However with any energy efficiency measure, the challenge is always “to make sure that the conservation measure is in place and operational”. Our approach does just that, it converts a passive energy saving technology into an interactive tool that can and is used by maintenance management and facility owners.

What does EDC Technologies, Inc. / cost once it is on-line?
The EDC Technologies, Inc. / business model is very simple. The only ongoing cost, after the installation of the technology is the monthly fee based on the number of units controlled by our technology. This monthly fee guarantees peak performance and thus a ROI of between 200% and 400%.

What makes EDC Technologies, Inc. / so unique?
The approach we are taking towards energy conservation is unique because it not only provides energy conservation, but it also enables anyone associated with the domestic hot water environment visibility into the operational history, much like a doctor has a patient history to reference.
  • There is NO BLACK BOX. It's your system, your conservation and your benefit. Everything is available to your management team at any time.
  • The Maintenance Personnel at the property are assured that they have a conservation measure in place that is providing sustained savings, thus increasing the value of their asset.
  • The Maintenance Personnel at the End Use client are provided with a tool that assists them in their day to day job, assuring that tenants have adequate hot water.
  • The Utility Company benefits by reducing their need to procure energy for their portfolio.
  • The Plumbing Contractor can improve the level of support provided to the end use community, by dispatching technicians only when necessary and for specific needs. Additionally the Client can see online if the “fix” the plumbing contractor made actually corrected the issue.

How do I know what my savings are?
Once the technology is installed, we place our technology into a passive or listening mode, by which we monitor the facilities consumption, operation and patterns. After the baseline period has been established we move our technology into control mode and adjust the supply to meet your demand, without impacting guest comfort. This process and data are all continuously posted to the internet for analysis and review.
  • Week 1 Monitored - we use the first week as a period of “monitoring their existing operation”.
  • Week 2 Controlled - At the end of the first week we take our control out of null mode and measure the same environment while we are controlling.
  • Results - We subtract the two periods which result in actual percentage saved.

How does EDC Technologies, Inc. / provide sustained energy conservation?
EDC Technologies addresses the issue of providing sustained energy conservation by monitoring the environments on a daily and hourly basis. As a result our controls not only provide energy savings but they also become a proactive tool which enables your facility and management personnel the ability to proactively monitor your environment and savings.

In addition to providing monthly savings, EDC Technologies will monitor the boiler environment on a daily or hourly basis (depending on service level) to assure that the initial savings we achieve are sustained and optimized. In addition our servers review the end users environment to assure that the hot water system(s) are not malfunctioning.

If a boiler/water heater component, within the client’s environment, begins to act out of the norm, our systems identify the time and date of the issue(s), and provide an explanation of what the problem is, what’s causing it and what is recommended to resolve the issue. By tracking the systems operation, we provide property owners and maintenance staff with continuous commissioning, with ongoing, and assured savings, as well as a maintenance and operation log of their domestic hot water environment.

Who are the Benefactors of EDC Technologies, Inc. /
  • Owners & Management – significantly reduced utility costs 15-40%
  • Mechanical/Plumbing Contractors – We provide a technology link for the Client and the Mechanical/Plumbing Contractor, whereby both parties can see the operational history as well as the actual hot water issue prior to dispatching personnel, resulting in reduced cost, increased problem resolution and overall improved performance.
  • Society & Environment - We reduce greenhouse gases in direct proportion to the energy savings we achieve.

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