Case Studies
  Every EDC Technologies/SaveGas installation involves a process of Monitoring, then "Base Lining" the facilities operational and consumption information. EDC engineers then tune and commission the systems operation for maximum savings and efficiency. Each installation is measured, annotated and analyzed as to the specific operational changes that were made and the actual results achieved and sustained.  
Click here for a quick video to learn about the "Case Study" process (boilers/heaters).
Click here for a quick video to learn about the "Case Study" process (heat pumps).
Click here for examples of common water heater/boiler configurations
  Below are samples of case studies from various clients to illustrate the process and savings:  
Hotel / Lodging Clients (with more than 150 Rooms)
Red Lion Hotel - 189 hotel rooms, 24% saved (file size 284Kb, format: PDF)
Loews Coronado Island - 427 hotel rooms, 25.2% saved (file size 548Kb, format: PDF)
  Hotel & Lodging Clients (with less than 150 Rooms)
Holiday Inn Express - Salinas - 74 hotel rooms, 24.75% saved (file size 194Kb, format: PDF)
Chaimberlain West Hollywood - 114 hotel rooms, 25.4% saved (file size 512Kb, format: PDF)
Hilton Garden Inn - 80 hotel rooms, 24.8% saved (file size 452Kb, format: PDF)
  Apartment / Condominium (with more than 150 dwelling units)
Garden Communities - 296 apartment units, 31% saved (file size 1.04Mb, format: PDF)
Taylor 28 - 197 apartment units, 27.4% saved (file size 788Kb, format: PDF)
  Apartment / Condominimum (with less than 150 dwelling units)
BlackRock - Clinton - 50 apartment units, 25%+ saved (file size 385Kb, format: PDF)
JLE - Casa Mar Vista - 51 apartment units, 20.1%+ saved (file size 336Kb, format: PDF)
  Senior Care Facilities
Atria - Encinitas - 71 apartment units, 15.2% saved (file size 185Kb, format: PDF)
Atria - Golden Creek - 124 apartment units, 26.5% saved (file size 184Kb, format: PDF)
Macaroni Grill Aliso Viejo - 25.4% saved (file size 345Kb, format: PDF)
Macaroni Grill Puente Hills - 31.7% saved (file size 420Kb, format: PDF)
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